Huntington Beach Mayor Mike Posey Closes City Council Meeting In Zach’s Honor

Word travels fast, as HB Councilwoman Barbara Delgleize, a friend and neighbor of Zach Martinez, and an early supporter of Patriot Point, requested of the Mayor that the June 18 Huntington Beach, City Council meeting be closed in Zach’s honor.


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Zach Martinez of Patriot Point Huntington Beach, CA
Patriot Point – Huntington Beach, CA
Patriot Point Huntington Beach - Zach Martinez
A permanent memorial and Sanctuary for our Veterans.


Zach Martinez of Patriot Point, Huntington Beach, CA
Zach Martinez of Patriot Point


Zach Martinez entered the Navy on 12.29.1966 and served in the Vietnam War. He was Honorably Discharged on 9.25.1970. He leaves behind his beautiful wife of 50 years, Alberto and three children: Zach Jr., Magic and Edmond.

His work and vision of Patriot Point will continue.

A service at Patriot Point is scheduled for July 16th at 11am.

A certified chaplain who offered free counseling to our veterans that suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, ZACH is what they call the “Real Deal.” We shall miss him dearly. His love of Country, men & woman of the Services, Veterans,family & friends as well as complete strangers, will be part of a legacy that will forever be etched within our hearts. RIP

Patriot Point in Huntington Beach at Sunset